Vendor Information


  • There is one General Session for the public from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Saturday, June 12
  • There is also one Volunteer Session for our beer servers from about 8:10 PM to 9:30 PM

Setup Times and Process

  • Vendors can begin setup at 2pm on Friday
  • Vendors can also setup starting 9am on Saturday
  • We encourage tent/table set up on Friday, leaving Saturday for beer and ice setup
  • All tents and booths should be completely set up by 3:00 PM when the bulk of the volunteers will arrive

Breakdown Times and Process

  • Beer will be served until 9:30 PM for the Volunteer Session
  • Free the Hops can deliver beer and equipment to local distributor warehouses on Monday, June 8

Brewers Brunch

  • Brewery and wholesale vendors are invited to the Brewers Brunch at Back Forty Birmingham
  • You can come and go on your own between 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

The Baker Street Hideout

  • Hosted by Baker Street Digital Media
  • Take a break and enjoy some hospitality from Baker Street Digital Media
  • The area is available only to vendors with the vendor wristband and Blue Shirt volunteers

Vendor Wristbands

  • Each brewery and booth vendor will be given two (2) vendor wristbands to work the event
  • Each distributor will be given six (6) vendor wristbands to work the event
  • Vendor wristbands can be obtained at the Baker Street Hideout

Comp Tickets

  • For each sixtel donated, Free the Hops will give two (2) comp tickets for the festival
  • These comp tickets can be given to the brewery or to the distributor
  • These comps can be converted to vendor passes – just ask before you receive them

Discount Tickets

  • Each brewery, vendor, and distributor can also purchase discounted tickets for $25 each

Serving and Consuming Beer

  • Individuals with a vendor wristband are allowed to consume
  • You can only consume from the tasting glassware provided by the festival
  • Only Green Shirt volunteers are authorized to pour and serve beer. Please do not serve yourself!
  • Vendors are allowed to operate taps for operational reasons like changing kegs, clearing lines, etc.
  • Please do not abuse these rules, which are designed to keep us in compliance with ABC requirements. Violators may be asked to leave the premises.