Plan to enjoy the food as much as the brews and try something from these unique local eateries! Click on the images below to see more about what they bring to the table. More vendors to be announced.

Each vendor will only take tokens. They will not accept cash/credit.

Tokens can be purchased at our Guest Services tent on site.
One token equals $1. Using tokens allows for swifter transactions for the vendors during the event and allows FTH to secure monies on the event footprint. Tokens are non-refundable and only redeemable for food from our food vendors, sodas and snacks from our Guest Services tent, and for Free the Hops merchandise.  You may also donate any leftover tokens to our charity at donation buckets as you leave the event.

Steel City Pops
Hickory Tavern

Eugene's Hot Chicken

Cantina on Wheels

The J.Clyde